Test Add Meta Tags plugin

Дима Стефанцов



I am currently using Add Meta Tags Version 2.9.6

My current AnsPress is this, exactly this one. Generated it with npm install then grunt compress on latest AnsPress sources. I believe behaviour hasn’t changed since last stable AnsPress (the one from wordpress.org), so it should be all the same.

  1. Look at URL of this page, look what AMT puts in “og:url” for example.
  2. Look at page title, look what AMT puts in og:title.
  3. Try answering it (you can register and login here by single click OAuth facebook, for example) and then edit your answer. You will see it will flash with AMT meta, fill with whitespaces above like you can see right now in this question, and in backend viewing the “text” of a question, I can see
    <!– BEGIN Schema.org microdata added by Add-Meta-Tags WordPress plugin –>
    <!– Scope BEGIN: Article –>
    <!– Scope BEGIN: Organization –><!– Scope END: Organization –>
    <!– Scope BEGIN: Person –><!– Scope END: Person –>(my content here)<!– Itemprop END: articleBody –><!– Scope END: Article –>
    <!– END Schema.org microdata added by Add-Meta-Tags WordPress plugin –>
  4. Would be nice if AMT could understand what’s going on better: fill right author for questions, tell robots it’s a question and answer, maybe.
  5. Let’s end here for now.

George Notaras


Thank you for your work about the resolution of any issues between AnsPress and Add-Meta-Tags. Much appreciated! Please, feel free to post any extra feedback at any time in the Github issue tracker.

Kind Regards,


Matt Richard


I’ve just tested and confirmed that your users arn’t getting emails either. I registered multiple accounts and answered the question and no emails were received.

Дима Стефанцов 

Thanks for letting me know!

Alexander Nikolov

Can you do this extension work with category and tags?

Дима Стефанцов 

Hi, Alexander.
If that’s default wordpress categories and tags, it works out of the box.

If you are talking about AnsPress categories and tags, then, most probably, it can be done as well. Here is the code I use to tell AMT about questions: https://stefantsov.com/add-post-meta-to-anspress-with-add-meta-tags-plugin/

It should probably be easy to tell AMT about current category/tag as well. If not, opening an issue here https://github.com/gnotaras/wordpress-add-meta-tags/issues/ should help.

Alexander Nikolov

Thank you, I will try, and post here the result. Have a happy holidays