December 25, 2017 at 9:07 pm
I’ve read about 15 or so novels on here (Martial God Asura (dropped at about the 1,200 because extremely repetitive and extremely too much about the pissing contest all the time, too much ego going on, even for Xianxia), Read ISSTH and dropped about at about the 1200s (battles were boring, and I didn’t like the way the author treated one of the female characters who liked the mc), Coiling Dragon, WMW, UTS, HJC, ATG, MEN, Spirit Realm, LOAR, BTTH, SOTR, AST, AGM, AWE, Godsfall Chronicles, ED, Martial World, and a few others (not on this site).

My criteria for judging Xianxia (the broad term here, any Chinese web novel applies), in general order of importance.

1. Battle choreography (Ability to describe battles in a thorough and exciting fashion with great momentum, to have a good sense of power balance and scaling, to make sure I understand everything that’s going in a fight during the fight while avoiding unnecessary details that break momentum and appreciation. Great power dynamics)

2. Emotional content (Ability to have emotional content that pulls me into the story and makes me care about characters, esp those that are not the MC (eg Yuanba forcefully entering the ring in the Divine Phoenix Tournament arc when he saw Yun Che being bullied with numbers, Fen Juechen’s last conversation with Yun Che)

3. Character personality, quirks, and characterization (e.g Meng Hao’s greed, Bai Xiaochun’s fear of death, Zhou Weiqing’s scoundrelly ways, Xia Yuanba’s lack of intellect)

4. Intellectual content ( Leylin annoying-as-f*ck Farlier)

5. Openmindedness of the author (I don’t like a story the where author has a penchant for seeing this in a generally black and white fashion or is otherwise narrowminded)

Recommendations based on various combinations of all that…
1. (First Class Recommendations) Heavenly Jewel Change, ATG, Godsfall Chronicles, A Will Eternal, (ATG has stagnated a bit in recent arcs but…)

2 (2nd Class) AGM, MEN (Monarch of Evernight is somewhere between first class and second class, but definitely above regular second class, the same goes for Unrivalled Tang Sect), LoAR, UTS, WMW, ED. (Emperor’s Domination is somewhere between 2nd and 3rd class but it’s such a unique approach to Xianxia storytelling that I’ll put it here. The same goes for WMW)